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About Lassar

Lassar NZ Ceramic Knives

Lassar - The Company

Lassar was born out of a passion for science and technology combined with a strong belief in personal health and wellbeing.

Lassar was the brainchild of a young Engineer, whose sister has food allergies. We are a business with branches in New Zealand, Australia and South Africa, with its roots grounded in honesty, integrity and hard work with a healthy lifestyle creating that important balance.

There is a science to health and happiness and leading a balanced life. With Lassar, we have tried to incorporate that with our wide range of knives. We have sizes, styles and colours to suit the modern, busy chef, as well as the outdoors enthusiast, to the student with limited time.

Lassar - The Product

Our Lassar products are scientifically formulated, with the blades manufactured from a naturally occuring substance - zirconium, the second hardest substance after a diamond. It is important to note that the Lassar zirconium ceramic blade should not be confused with non-stick coated and coloured blades which can be full of toxic substances. The Lassar blades are beautifully balanced, just as our lives should be.

Lassar ceramic knives give us a unique product enabling us to use a knife with a blade which is totally inert, does not rust, does not transfer foods or toxic substances and stays amazingly sharp up to 10 times longer than most other knives.

Lassar ceramic knives are perfect for not only the health conscious person, but excellent for allergy sufferers, as the ceramic blade can be easily cleaned with a quick rinse and wipe without contamination due to the non-porous ceramic zirconium blade. In keeping with our strong values, we offer a two year manufacturers guarantee on all our Lassar knives.