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Ceramic Knives

7 inch Ceramic Chefs Knife

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Welcome to the BEAST of the Lassar Ceramic Knife range!

It is almost a sword... At seven inches - 17.5cm - it is really BIG, the knife of choice for the professionals.  This is a proper Chef's Knife. You have the option of a slim-type handle (ABS) as opposed to the non slip handle (NS).

Your handle choice is always personal one, but for the aspiring chef with smaller hands, the slim-type handle would be our recommendation.

This knife is suitable for cutting large items, big boneless roasts such as your sirloin, whole fillet steak etc., large vegetables such as cabbage for coleslaw, big onions and piles of jam tomatoes for curry.   This doesn't mean you can't deal with the small stuff, you can still use this knife to beautifully chop your garlic, ginger and so on, as the length of the blade allows you to use a see- saw action to finely chop the small stuff.

7 inch = 17.5cm

Knife dimensions may differ slighty from stated sizes. Trade Enquiries Welcome - Please get in touch with us here.

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