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Ceramic Knives

6 inch Ceramic Paring Knife

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This is a general purpose knife for most kitchen tasks, cutting vegetables, fruit, boneless meats and fish, with the added size which gives these knives a little more power and "oomph" over their 5 inch counterparts. Options that come with a durable plastic sheath.

The sheath allows the knife to be stored in a drawer with other kitchen utensils without damage occuring.

This knife is also perfect for the outdoors, where the sheath allows storage in your picnic set, campervan, backpack, boat or your pocket. You should all ways have a good sharp knife when you are outdoors.

For the fisherman, this knife will not corrode or rust and with its protective sheath it can be left in the tackle box or hatch of your boat or paddle ski.  Works perfectly for filleting or skinning small to medium sized fish.

6 inch = 15cm

Knife dimensions may differ slighty from stated sizes. Trade Enquiries Welcome - Please get in touch with us here.

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